We are offering  a special Packworks group/seminar training course which we have designed around two goals. Our primary goal for this course is to give every participant the tools they need to prepare for and take, should they choose, the German "Begleithundprüfung" certification test which is based on REAL LIFE applications of obedience/handling skills.

 The second goal we set for this course is more straightforward but equally important - everyone (including - ESPECIALLY - the dogs) is to have a good time.

We are hand-selecting the prospective students this go-round; all are current Packworks clients and all have shown dedication and commitment to working with their dogs. AND, all are continuing to address at least one common/typical (with the herding, working, and guarding breeds) management/handling "issue" such as on-lead dog aggression displays, age/experience related initial timidity/defensiveness, drive-control concerns, etc. In other words, everyone is in the same boat. Hence, we will all be making our share of  mistakes and thereby providing plenty of learning opportunities for ourselves and others.

The spirit of the course, for handlers and for dogs, is cooperation, not competition. 

What's a Begleithundprüfung?
The Begleithund certification test is recognized internationally and in this country it is typically referred to as the BH or B test.  In Europe, a Begleithund certification is a prerequisite for entry into performance trials where working titles are earned; for example, a dog must have a Begleithund certification before it can be entered in a Schutzhund trial (same requirement in the US), a herding trial, or in an obedience trial. 

To pass the Begleithund test your dog must demonstrate attentive heeling (both on/off leash including heeling through a group of strangers), a reliable recall, and a secure long down which must be held for 10-15 minutes in a distracting environment without you present.  As well, your dog must remain calm when exposed to groups of strangers, joggers, bicyclists and other dogs.
A dog/handler team that is prepared to pass the Begleithund certification test will be trained beyond the requirements of the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and beyond the challenges presented by AKC Novice Obedience competition as well as most of the challenges presented by the Therapy Dog International (TDI) test. Explore the links at the bottom of this message to see a full description of the test and other information about the Begleithund certification.
There are many reasons why dogs all over the world are trained for the Begleithund test; however, for our purposes, the test will serve primarily as a shared goal – a goal which is relevant to many of our clients and the everyday, real-world challenges they face with their dogs.  
Course Format
The training for this course will take place every Saturday evening starting at 6:30 pm until 10:30 pm..  T he course will run for sixteen weeks, beginning Saturday 21 July 2007 through Saturday 03 November 2007;  each weekly session will run 4 hours.  Every week we will begin with a training session at Packworks and end with a debriefing/instruction seminar at a nearby establishment which serves (very reasonably priced) food and drinks.   (We are following the German tradition of "Stammtisch". < >)

During this debriefing session we will answer questions and discuss what happened earlier that night.  We view this weekly debriefing seminar as a valuable element of the course and we are planning to make it interesting and fun.
 Participation will be limited to the first 10 dogs enrolled. Payment made be made in two parts, half due on the first night of class and the second half due one the fourth class. 

We appreciate a response  at your earliest possible convenience. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.
Here are links to Packworks Begleithund Course:

[**N.B. Course offering may be reformatted or withdrawn depending on enrollment.**]
Links to General information on the Begleithund (BH):
<> - The 2004 SV/WUSV/FCI Rules for the BH Qualification
< >
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Willkommen beim Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde e.V. , OG Peine-Woltorf_____Begleithund
Hundesportverein Simmern
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We look forward to working with you!

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"Dogs do what works--YOU can too!"
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